How we work

  • Telephone to arrange a consultation to discuss your pets behaviour problems. Home visits are available throughout the Leeds and Yorkshire area. Cats are always seen in the owners' home
  • It is preferable for all the family to be present, this includes other dogs in the household.
  • Behaviour & training consultations consist of an initial appointment of about two hours, during which a detailed history is taken, the cause of the problem is established and an individual programme devised for the owners to follow with their pets. Where necessary, further consultations can be arranged if this is beneficial.
  • Following the appointment, a report will be sent to you outlining the main points of the treatment programme. A copy will also go to your veterinary surgeon.
  • You will be asked to keep in close contact over the telephone regarding your pet's behaviour with regular progress reports or at any other time you have any queries.
  • The behaviour & training programmes advised may produce results very quickly but it will often take time, effort and commitment by all of the family to produce the improved behaviour.

Behaviour problems we address

  • Pet destructiveness in your home
  • Toileting problems
  • Aggression towards other animals, you or other pets
  • Spraying & Scratching
  • Nervousness, Fears & Phobias
  • Excessive Barking in dogs
  • Inappropriate Chase Behaviour in dogs
  • General Excitability in puppies & dogs
  • General Training for puppies & dogs